New Supermini Audi A1 2019 Sportback Review


The city is all yours when you have the AUDI A1 Sportback with its exceptional power and performance is enough to enjoy all the way.



New Supermini Audi A1 2019 Sportback Review


The Audi A1 posh small car is one of the best comfortable and practical rides. So “easy to drive” and possesses a moderate range of petrol engines.

Do you desire a small car that looks Posh and really exhibits a wide range of customisable options? Then choosing an Audi A1 sportback should be made a sure option. The special features attached cannot be under-estimated, as it exists in a different range of contrasting colours and also the alloy wheels which makes the A1 even more attractive than other Audi products of even larger sizes.

The interior looks brilliant, so comfortable and spacious upfront even four adults can travel in comfort, with a wide range of adjustment for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, while the unique rear doors gives the passenger a special access to the back seat. Even basic models have two huge infotainment screens that are so wide like the OLED TVs next to the tiny monitors, you will detect in alternatives and the interior can be brightened up with large swathes of coloured trim detailing.


Inside the Audi A1 2019 Sportback Review


The Audi A1 Sportback is much better and should be preferred above the mini as its boot is still relatively huge for a car this size. It also has a practical square shape and lots of handy characteristics.

The vibe you can get from the interior of Audi A1 Sportback is a big car wrapped in a little body. Its suspension soaks up bumps in the road really well, and all the models possess a gearbox with minimum of six speeds-noise of engine well contained in the motorway. You also get some safety features as standard separated for bigger vehicles such as automatic emergency brake and lane assists.

One major parameter you would not be getting is a diesel engine, so the Audi A1 won’t return the sky-high fuel economy of many alternatives meaning that the 116hp 1.5-litre four cylinder models won’t consume more fuel and has extra power that you will cherish when you desire to make safe overtakes at high speed. The A1 simply feels most comfortable with the tiny three-cylinder engine, if probably it is bustling through the town or walking at the highway speed.


Audi A1 2019 Sportback satnav


As well as choosing the more powerful engine, if you usually drive on the highway, you should consider some of the optional driving aids that are attached to the Audi A1 like the Active Cruise Control that takes effort out of long drive by leaving the car to increase speed and brake by itself.

Fortunately, there is not much to be lost by allowing the car do the driving itself because, though the Audi A1 Sportback has many grips and does not lean in curves or bends, you won’t relish driving it like you will drive a mini 3-door. If you think that does not count really much, then there is no much to criticise about the AudiA1, as long as you don’t detest paying little extra charges for its posh image and appearance.


Audi A1 2019 Sportback rear view


Conclusively, don’t be carried away when selecting an A1 because it really is a case of less is even more when it comes to the new baby Audi. The most powerful three-cylinder engine having a manual gearbox and some stylish option like the appealing dashboard sharp lines and standard gloss-black screens that helps to make the A1’s interior feel more upmarket would definitely be our favourite pick.