New Audi A6 Sportback Review



The Audi A6 Sportback is one of the most practical Audi autos you will ever find out there with very good technical abilities, as well as a high-tech car. It is also well designed, and somehow, Audi has been able to find the balance between all these specifications in the Audi A6 Sportback.

New Audi A6 Sportback front



Specifications and Abilities of the Audi A6 Sportback

The Audi A6 Sportback can be purchased in 2 diesel engines, and Audi is yet to add that of petrol although that might be on the horizon already. The 2 diesel engines have an automatic gearbox as well as a standard hybrid system that you may not even notice since it operates discreetly at the background of the car. But it is one of the best features recorded for the Audi A6 Sportback because of the economic edge it gives it with the fuel-saving operation.


New Audi A6 Sportback rear left view


The 2.0 Liter 40 TDI engine provides a 204 hp driving the rear wheels of the car via a 7-speed dual clutch. The car speeds at about 62mp in less than 6 seconds, and the 4-cylinder engines offer it a very quiet sound regardless of the speed it is moving at. The automatic gearbox is very responsive as expected, with seamless navigation through changing the car gear.

Thinking of which of the diesel engine to go for? The 2 liters one is quite affordable, although the 3 liters one should be considered if you would be using the car for a lot of long journeys. However, the latter is noisier than the former and at the same time, faster than it. There is also the Quattro four-wheel drive system that helps the car especially for traction purpose

The Interior

Peculiar to most Audi automobiles, the interior of the car has a lot of technology that you will benefit from, with both the infotainment screen and the sat-nav screen although you may have to pay a subscription for the digital driver’s display.


New Audi A6 Sportback interior


The car seats are very comfortable with soft and smooth leather. The seats are also adjustable in case you are a very tall person.

In terms of temperature in the Audi A6 Sportback, you can control the heating and ventilation through the aid of the lower touchscreen instead of the conventional Knobs and dials that they are known for. Although this may make it quite tricky to use especially if this is the first time of doing so, with the time you will be able to understand it better and find it less complicating.

With the infotainment screen, a lot of the button features from conventional models of the car are being eradicated, and you can be able to control the media features of the car through the touch screen. It also affords you with connectivity such that you can connect your smartphones and play music via the Bluetooth device.

However, the issue that you will most likely face is having to take your sights off the road while using the screen, but a workable solution to this is upgrading the screen size to about 10 inches. This makes it easier since the screen is very clear with large icons. Well, it is also better than you make the settings on the screen at home, before hitting the road. So, when you must take your eyes off the road while driving, it is only to glance at the sat-nav map.

Also, if you are not ok with the Audi navigation, you can use the navigation app on your smartphone via the auto android and the car play app.


New Audi A6 Sportback front view


The Price

Audi A6 Sportback car price is around the region of £41,275.