New Audi A8 Sportback Review


The 2019 Audi A8 Sportback ranks amongst some of the best cars that Audi has made, with its technical abilities and the innovative engineering. Although some other version’s upgrade might surpass the Audi A8 Sportback later, it is what we have got now, the perfect balance between design, technical ability and the technologies of the car.

New Audi A8 Sportback review


Specification and Abilities of the Audi A8 Sportback

The Audi A8 Sportback is so fast, smooth and quiet. It has a 4.0 Litre V8 petrol. No matter the speed you are traveling on, you will hardly hear the car make a noise. Aside from the Petrol V8, it also comes in the diesel V6s, and both engines are built to perfection.

The engine system also gives the Audi A8 Sportback a lot of advantages like getting adapted to the air suspension. There are two modes the Audi A8 Sportback can operate on, they are the comfort and the dynamic mode. 


New Audi A8 rear view


There so much more to the Audi A8 Sportback than meet the eye, a car that can know obstacles such as portholes and speedbumps without the aid of a camera. It knows that the obstacle is ahead and prepares itself for it, and you can get this with the dynamic model of the car.


New Audi A8 cockpit


The interior

The operating infotainment you will find in the Audi A8 Sportback is radically different from most versions of Audi Sportback. However, nothing much has changed with the virtual cockpit. 

There are 2 display screens on the dashboard of the Audi A8 Sportback, and the bigger one which is at the top of the dashboard is about 10.1 inches in size, while the one beneath is for weather controls and for the sat-nav display. The screens are much clearer and responsive than the previous one common for Audi cars.

The small one helps the driver easily navigate through the sat nav that can either be gotten through the integration of the smartphone; apple play or android auto.

However, you can also subscribe and use the default Audi sat nav with a clearer view and 3d images. The larger screen in the infotainment screen that helps you easily control most of the media features available in the car. 


New Audi A8 front interior


The seats are very comfortable, with leather massaging features that means that you are not going to feel the stress of driving. The materials of the Audi A8 Sportback interiors are the of the highest quality, and every part the interior design is built to detail. As usual, you can be able to control the interior environment of the car In terms of temperature.

There are also some safety features that the Audi A8 Sportback offers its users. As a matter of fact, we will not be able to cover all the driver assistance features that the Audi A8 Sportback offers because there are about 40 of them.

There is the lane departure warning to help you in maintaining your lane, and the pre-sense technologies making the car sensitive to obstacles that are ahead and adapt accordingly to keep those in it safe.


New Audi A8 control tablet


When driving in the Audi A8 Sportback if it notices a danger tendency like a car coming at high speed from the side, it jerks up that part of the vehicle such that it becomes very strong and prevents an accident from occurring. There is are other special features also, like the one that prevents you from hitting the door on an object when it is about to open. For example, if you are trying to open the door of the car when a cyclist is passing by, it will hold on for a few seconds until the cyclist ride away before the door eventually opens. All of these can be activated by the right settings.

The Price

Irrespective of additional costs, price of the Audi A8 Sportback, price ranges from £70,615 to £80,900, and for all the safety features and technical abilities you will get, you can agree that this is a small price to pay.