New Audi A4 Sportback Review


Space for everything and anything

The Audi A4 Sportback is spacious, to say the least; if you are someone who enjoys going camping and struggling to fit everything into your car, then this is a great option when it comes to space. 

Not only is the vehicle spacious itself, adequate seating area and foot area but the boot itself is large enough for all your needs. The car itself has enough room for four adults that are six foot and not just them but their luggage as well, and still you won’t feel squashed together.


New Audi A4 Review


Still not convinced it will have enough space? You can put down the back seats and expand the boot space even more and still have a lot of room left for five people. The car is clearly significant and spacious, but it is not just for adults but also for families with children.

Those parents with more than one child will know the struggle they have when children argue over not having the space they want, their sibling is too close, the fights and arguments on long drives. Not with this car, each child will have space to move around freely without touching each other.


New Audi A4 Review rear view


Not only will that but those who have younger children in car seats benefit from the spacious seating area. The struggle most parents face when they have multiple car seats is they are forced together so much you struggle to fasten the seatbelts.

With the Audi A4 Sportback, this isn’t an issue; you can have the car seats fitted and still have adequate space to fasten each seatbelt between the seats.


New Audi A4 interior


Audi A4 Sportback style

The Audi A4 Sportback looks just like your average estate car, the car itself is well-built and practical for most users. The interior is stylish and has a high-tech cabin, now, of course, it is not as high-tech or sleek as BMW sports cars, but for an estate car, it is still amazing.

The car is one that would not stand out in a crowd; in fact, it is likely to get lost in the crowd of vehicles and is not so much fun to drive. However, the car does come with a range of economical engines. 

In all the downsides are brought up by the fact it is relatively cheap to run, the car itself comes in 1.4-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel. 

The model comes equipped with parking sensors for those tricky tight spots that you might face when trying to reverse into a parking space.


New Audi A4 wheel


Audi A4 Sportback Drive

The Audi A4 Sportback is an excellent car to drive around town, it is quiet, and you will find you don’t have the sounds from outside coming in as well as the engine. The movement is good, and therefore it makes the drive smooth, but the downside is, even the highest 272hp model is not much fun to drive.

The car itself is impressive, it has some qualities of a sports car but also missing a lot, it is an excellent practical car, with a sleek design and overall a great option if you require space.