New Audi Q2 Sport Review


Are you looking for a new SUV? There are a bunch of them on the market these days to choose from. If you are looking for high-quality performance and luxury feeling new Audi Q2 Sport could be for you.


Audi Q2 sport review



  • Powerful engine – High price
  • Smart Interior                                                            
  • Extra Features                                                            
  • High-Quality Performance
  • Wide range of engines



  • High price
  • Large wheels – can impact ride
  • Similar cheaper alternatives

Audi Q2 Sport review front left view

Overall Overview

Smaller SUV cars including Q2 sport version is very popular among Audi’s customers. It is seen as a combination of the high – quality performance for a fair price. On the other side for some people, the car is unnecessarily expensive. You can find many similar cheaper alternatives on the market.

The biggest rivals are Mini Countryman, Peugeot 2008 or Nissan Juke. Unfortunately, these cars do not have such a luxury feeling and cutting – edge interior.

The drivers who are looking for a powerful engine and a fast car will be more than satisfied with the Q2 sport version. If you are this kind of a driver you should opt for 1.6 to 2.0 l diesel engines.

Yet, if you compare it with other Audi Q sports cars, there is not much of a difference. It can be really disappointing for people with high expectations.

Overall the car is good, if you don’t mind the high price and care more about the performance.



Audi Q2 Sport review dash

What can you find inside?

In comparison with the standard Q2, the interior design looks more or less the same. The seats are available in the cloth – the leather combination or full leather in different colors (black/red and more). You have more options to choose from which is a good sign.

The seats are also very comfortable to sit on, even for four adults in the back of the cars. It is very easy to slide in the car. As the doors open nice and wide. You won’t have the problem to even get your grandmother to the car. (Really practical)


Audi Q2 Sport review infotainment


Boot space is practical for this type of car as well. Space is around 405 liters, which is far more than its’ cheaper counterparts have such as Nissan Juke. Q2 sport version is much more suitable for families with children. Which can benefit from the extra space?

As we have mentioned above the interior of the car has some cool features. As an Audi customer, there is a wide range of the trim versions: Entry level – SE, Sport, S line or Black edition. Other features are cool air conditioning, 16-inch alloy wheels, and 7-inch infotainment system.


Audi Q2 Sport review satnav


When deciding which version of the trims to choose, it is worth paying for the Sport edition as you will get for the extra price 17- inch alloy wheels, cruise control, and upgraded interior.


Audi Q2 Sport review speedo


The car has the ability to go fast along with its performance. Driving the Q2 sport version feels quite safe and comfortable in both: city and rural roads
However, as it was mentioned before due to its big wheels, it can feel bumpy on the road. Also, the body of the vehicle leans a little bit to the corners what can make you bit nervous when driving. If you do mind these things when driving.

The gearbox includes a 6-speed manual which is pretty standard and more practical for this car. Seven-speed automatic which has a big room for improvements. And can eat a bunch of your fuel during the long ride. When driving at full speed.

The Q2 sports car is quite safe as well. It scored 5 on its safety testing. What makes the car safer is an autonomous emergency braking system. What is beyond the safety of mandatory standards for the cars and anti-lock brakes.