New Audi Q5 Sport Review


Volkswagen’s wave of practical and luxury SUVs is on the rise. Since there is a huge demand in the European market. People are big fans. SUV Q5 sport version has its big fan base in the UK where is popular as hell. What is so good about this car?


Audi Q5 Sport review front left view



  • Unique design                                                        
  • Smart features                                                           
  • Comfortable cabin
  • Exciting ride



  • Smartphone Integration

Audi Q5 Sport review cockpit

Overall Overview

New Audi Q5 Sport is more of a feel regular family SUV for the town ride. Rather than exciting adrenaline sports car. Depends on what you are looking for. 

The look and feel of the car improved in regard to its older versions. There is a visible change. However, the motor is not as powerful. Not reaching that top – quality performance. You can be used to that if you are looking at the original sports car.

If you want a more dynamic car, keep looking somewhere else. If you need a family car with a cool design, it is time to stop your search. And hop on to this car and enjoy the ride.



Audi Q5 Sport review satnav

What can you find inside?

As a luxury sucker, you will definitely enjoy the pro quality look of the interior. It is better designed as it is in Q7 or SQ7. VW group did a good kind of job here. Furthermore, the cozy feeling of seats will make you want to stay in the car all day. 

The options for the seats you have is leather and a variety of grey colors. Those colors mostly dominate the cabin. If you are looking for something more colorful Q2 sports car will be a better version for you in our opinion.


Audi Q5 Sport review infotainment


Another feature, that will catch your eye is a sophisticated virtual cockpit. You will not overlook it. The screen is large at the size, fitted under the wheel right in the dashboard. So, it is very clear to follow the display on the way. 

The downside of the interior is that door panels, gearbox and buttons look too simple and plain for the car at this level. The base of the cool interior lies in seat design and virtual cockpit.


Audi Q5 Sport review front




The driving of the Q5 will you get approximately the same feeling as driving S5 Coupe. If you are a fan of the car, you will like this one as well. The car has quite a steady grip and minimal noise. Just like the sport version of Q3. 

Apart from sport Q3, there is an option to select a driving mode. To choose the style of the ride. Which will depend on your needs and circumstances. Such as the quality of the roads, style of the roads (curves/hills). The car is pretty flexible thanks to this option.

The comfort of the driver comfort is not as high. As you might think. People in the back has much more comfort. That’s why the car is more suitable for a town ride. Rather than long family or business trips.

Regarding the performance of the car, it falls in the middle-performance category. In comparison with older versions, is getting quicker on the other side. The problem is that the petrol engine is not as good as the motor of the older versions. You might want to consider the options. If to go for the newest version of the car.

In our opinion, if you are looking for good quality town car with the feeling of the Audi premium brand, it is worth the try. However, if you need a more complex solution. The other versions of the Q’s sports cars might be better for you. It depends on your needs and expectations.