New Audi Q7 Sport Review


New Audi Q7 sport edition comes with a new dimension. You would like to see and experience. You can believe us in that.  It has a significant exterior and interior design. With different options: 5 vs 7 passengers. It belongs to the larger SUV category. 





  • Interior customization
  • New engine
  • All wheel drive
  • High – tech components
  • Quiet driving



  • Expensive in this full version
  • Third row can feel crowded
  • Design of the care is simple


Overall Overview

New Audi Q7 represents premium cars really good. Also, with premium prices and expensive add-ins. If you consider buying this car, be prepared to splurge a bit more.

The car is all that many people can dream for. But is not perfect in every way. It has worldwide new engine. And many innovations were created for this car.

Audi connect is practical to have. To connect your car with the online world. To stay at the top of the online flow. You can follow traffic jam news, accept your calls, check the weather or check the photos from google street/earth.

We don’t really see what is useful about the photos from google earth, but in the future of the flying cars can be useful then.

On the other side, its diesel super engine does not be that great. Many critics complain about it due to the relatively high emissions for the car of this type. When the new standards will be set, it is questionable if this car will be allowed to use. Or you will need to buy a new one.




What can you find inside?

The main topic of Q7 sport interior is a concept of the space. It has more options for customization. To meet your needs and expectations. As much as possible. The options are quite similar to the standard Q7 version. 

There is a possibility to take from 5 to 7 passengers for a ride. What comes handy for a bigger family with more children. 

The seats have 3 parts of the back-rest, to adjust to your feelings. Each part is possible to move according to your taste. The car gives you more choices for your comfort and relaxation. It can come handy on a long journey. No more back-pain from the long hours sitting in the car. Also, you can adjust your seats not only manually, but with the electronic system as well. 

Despite the fact that seats are flexible they are sporty in a way they should be.

The downside of the car is that you will have from 60 to 65 liters reduced space. The reason is they on the floor of this car, is included 48V electrical system. The premium features will cost you a bit of spice. But making your car smarter and more premium.





Before we going to tell you about the test drive of this car. It is worth mentioning that has unique 4 liters, top quality performance engine V8 TDI. It is new from a worldwide point of view. It makes this car even more premium than other Audi Q’s sport carts competitors. 

When you are driving, you can speed up from 0 to 100km/h for just 4.8 seconds.  If you wonder about the maximum speed, there is a limitation to 250km/h

Driving this car can be easier or more complicated. Depends on tour relationship with the technology and smart systems. Q7 sport version consists of 24 systems which will assist you when driving: parking assistant, traffic jam assistant and so much more.

If you are interested in the bigger stability and agility when driving on the curvy roads, you can request electromechanical stabilization. 

If you are looking for flexible and customizable cars, this will be a hit for you. If you don’t care that much about these things. The cheaper sports cart versions are enough. The money splurge is worth if you will be using these cool customizable features on a regular basis.