New Audi Q8 Sport Review


New Audi Q8 Sport version is a big powerful SUV that many people crave for. It is heavy, big and facts that can appear on your fuel bills if you will use the car to its full potential. To see if the car is worth the hype, move to the breakdown below.





  • Modern design
  • High quality performance
  • Precise ride



  • Small space for your head
  • Higher noise level
  • Not big changes


Overall Overview

Audi Q8 sport version is one of the most selling cars at the moment. It stands out on the market full of mid-size SUVs. It is a 3rd most selling model in Australia.

It has an aggressive look at first glance for some people. From the look, it is clear, that Audi designed the care mostly for male drivers. It looks like the sports car dream for the younger generation male drivers.

The new version of this car will be more powerful than ever. With its turbocharged petrol engine. Like the S3 hatchback engine. But even more powerful. 

The car is more suitable for the younger generation. Unpractical for the families. It designed for more adrenaline rides. If you want to use it to the maximum. And enjoy what the car has to offer.




What can you find inside?

The interior of the car is as cool as Audi’s cars can have. It has superb quality of the front display on the front board with very fine and detailed resolution. This can meet expectations even the pickiest drivers. 

The screen is connected to the cloud for you to see real-time. Most importantly you will have an overview of the traffic in real time. What can be more practical about the car?




On the other side, the touch screen is a little hard to navigate. Since it is too sensitive for the touch and it can take some time to react. Which can, in fact, make you nervous. If you are the type who pays a big attention to the details.

In the back of the car, the rest of your family will definitely feel comfortable when driving in the full capacity. The room is so vast. No more squeezing in the back on the long rides. People in the back can also enjoy the wifi hotspot, power outlets, and adjustable seats.






Between the biggest advantages of the car when driving are minimal noise and smooth ride. Without feeling the bumps on the roads. Or leaning to the sides at a high speed. It is really an exciting ride in Q8 sport version. 

The car is meeting the high emission standards as well. To ensure its longer life-span for their customers. In case of higher standards will come in the future. What is more likely. Thus, the car has a filter for its petrol fuel. To ensure clean fuel without the dirt. Upon which your car can suffer during the ride. 

Steering of the car is also very clear, smooth and precise. And sensitive. Big sharp movements are not recommended. If you are not feeling for a roller coaster kind of the ride. The gear stick moves pretty fast and concise as well. What makes driving even more comfortable.

In the end, we can say that the New Audi Q8 sport version is a great option for drivers looking for the best. Drivers who want to feel like professionals inside their own cars. How would you make you feel to fulfill your teenage dreams? With Q8 sport you definitely have the chance to explore the feeling.