New Audi S3 Sport Review


Are you in search of an Audi that can rival the Mercedes A45 AMG or the Golf R, then the new Audi S3 sport back is the right car for you? Aside from having it in its normal mode, you can also have the car in its convertible model. However, it may be difficult for you to easily differentiate between the Audi S3 Sportback and the regular A3 S line with this review, you should be able to do so easily.




Specification and Ability of Audi S3 Sportback

Audi S3 Sportback is quick, and this feels like an understatement because if how the fact it really is. More reason why it is this quick is because of its extremely lightweight, and as a matter of fact, this is one of the notable upgrades of the new Audi S3 Sportback, it is lighter than the previous versions by almost 70kg. 

The Audi S3 Sportback also has one of the best engines, a 2-liter turbocharged engine with a Quattro four-wheel drive system, one of the reasons why it is a rapid car. It speeds up at about 0-62mph under 5 seconds, and in case you are wondering, this is faster than Testarossa Ferrari car from the past century.




Its traction on the road is also one of its kind due to the Quattro wheels, and this will make the driver enjoy the balance, thereby exploring the car as much as possible.

The firmness if the car can also be changed in about milliseconds, and the Audi S3 Sportback comes in about 5 different driving modes that can be explored, namely; the sport mode, the auto mode, the comfort mode, the efficiency mode, and the individual mode. With these different modes, it is possible to change the settings of the car such as the weight of the steering, as well as the suspension setting

The sport mode of the car is the toughest mode, and with it, the Audi S3 Sportback can be used for a race track when the road is really straight and smooth. The comfort mode makes the car relatively easy to handle than other modes through the easing of the suspensions, and the slow response of the throttle. The efficiency mode makes the steering very easy to handle, and this is most useful when moving through a curvy road, the efficiency mode limits the throttle response time. The auto mode is regarded as the best mode of the car, and this leaves the car to know which is the best mode to activate based on the conditions of the road and the environment.




The Interior

Audi S3 Sportback is not only a technically gifted car, but it also has the interior designed tastefully as well with a beautiful cabin which just adds to the subtleness and perfectness of the car. The seats are accommodating and body-hugging and the steering is built to easily adjust to the speediness of the car, and designed perfectly as well. 

There is also a screen control on the board of the car that makes it easy to control the car, and this is about 5.8 inches in screen size. The dashboard layout is also easy to master, and it’s built for simplicity at best. And one great feature of the Audi S3 Sportback is that the sat-nav map is just right in front of you.

All in all, the cockpit is built perfectly, although some may say that it is lacking in a bit of flair, it seems just ok.




Price of the Car

Audi S3 Sportback price is about £34,518. Body parts such as the led headlights and rear lights, the alloy wheels, the window trims are also quite affordable. 


Features of the car

 The External features of the car include the following

  • Led rear lights
  • Double exhaust pipes
  • Electric windows at the front and rear if the car
  • Wiper at the rear
  • The headlight washer
  • Electric doors and mirrors

The Interior Features

  • Doors sills that are illuminated
  • A compartment for keeping tools in the center console
  • A luggage compartment, well illuminated
  • Front seat with adjustable heights

Features to aid driving

  • The voice control
  • The smartphone interface, Audi specific
  • The Audi connect
  • The Voice recognition 
  • Display of speed limits on a road
  • The steering assisted power

Entertainment features 

  • Double USB ports
  • The hard disk of about 10GB
  • A CD display unit
  • SD card reader
  • The radio controller and a radio screen

Security features

  • Antitheft alarm
  • Antitheft bolts for the wheel 
  • Central locking remote control