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PCP Car Finance (Personal contract purchase)

Personal contract purchase deals from Socialmotors

PCP Car finance deals with Socialmotors

PCP or Personal contract purchase – With personal contract purchase’ agreements you have the ability of deferring the ownership of the car till the end of the agreement, meaning you are basically hiring or leasing it.

This makes personal contract purchase’s the same as hire purchase agreement in some ways, although the period of time hiring the vehicle is generally lower, as they are based on the vehicle value at the beginning of the contract compared to the value at the end of the term that you have agreed (This is what is known the “residual value”).

The contract you sign represents your agreement to pay for the car on a continual monthly basis. Once your PCP agreement is complete you have the option to give the vehicle back to the seller or to buy it out right, via a lump sum that will represent the vehicle “residual value”


PCP car finance eligibility

To determine you are eligible for a PCP deal we will assess your credit file, this will give us the information we need to provide you the best options for you.

To be considered for a personal contract purchase (PCP) you generally need to have a good credit rating to get an approval, if you have a rating that is not so good we have hire purchase options available that would be better suited to you.

We specialise in providing the lowest interest rates on finance agreements possible for your personal circumstances.

We are also able to finance many other vehicles such as motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans and vans, not just cars!


Other types of finance available:

Application process

Make an application online

Apply now or call us, one of our experienced advisors will take some basic details for our lenders to review. If approved you will be offered a credit limit for your new car.

Choose your car

Once you have your credit limit, one of our advisors will assist you in choosing your new car from our showroom – we have over 1000 vehicles available in group stock, at this stage you will be able to discuss your needs and establish the car you want.

Documents and Delivery

We will now prepare your new car for delivery and get it to you usually within 48 hours, giving you a free 12 month comprehensive warranty & 12 months MOT. Once your car arrives, if your happy you sign your finance documents.

Application Criteria

Do you meet the hire purchase car finance application criteria?

To be eligable for car finance all you need is to…

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Hold a full UK/EU driving licence
  • Be UK resident for 3 years
  • Have a Full time, part time job, be self-employed
  • Not bankrupt

Please note: if your income is 100% benefits you must be in receipt of a high rate benefit like DLA or PIP to apply for bad credit car finance.